US Cyber Challenge: Cyber Quest February 2012

The competition is now over!

Welcome to the Cyber Quests portion of the US Cyber Challenge! To participate, please click the Question Engine link on the left and log in with the account that you created when you registered.

The USCC-sponsored Cyber Quests are a series of fun but challenging on-line competitions allowing participants to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of information security realms. Each quest features an artifact for analysis, along with a series of quiz questions. Some quests focus on a potentially vulnerable sample web server as the artifact, challenging participants to identify its flaws using vulnerability analysis skills. Other quests are focused around forensic analysis, packet capture analysis, and more. The quests have varying levels of difficulty and complexity, with some quests geared toward beginners, while others include more intermediate and ultimately advanced material.

The first quest in the 2012 series will be released on February 15, 2012 and will remain open until February 29, 2012. Participants will be provided with a network packet capture file and other forensic artifacts that they must analyze to identify devices, network activity, and attacks. Participants will have to answer questions about devices connected to the network, as well as SCADA technology and protocols. The quiz is designed for an intermediate skill level, and questions can be answered using the Wireshark packet analysis tool, and additional reference information to be provided.

The artifacts for this challenge will be available to registered users for analysis from February 15 through February 29. Registered users will each have one attempt to take the quiz. You will have 24 hours from the time you begin the quiz to complete it, and you may only submit your answers once. If you do not submit the answers within 24 hours of when you start, or by 11:59pm EST on February 29, 2012 (whichever comes first), you will receive a zero score. While players are given a full day for the quiz, the quests are designed to be completed in approximately one hour.

Any user found to have registered for more than one account, or users found to have shared answers, will be disqualified and ineligible for any awards, prizes, scholarships or other opportunities presented as a result of Cyber Quests.

Are you ready for the challenge? Awards, prizes and scholarships may become available. Cyber Quests are open to U.S. participants and the awards, prizes and scholarships are available to U.S. citizens only at this time.

Registration is now closed.
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Technical Support questions about the challenge should be directed to However, please keep in mind that we will not give answers to the quiz itself.

All information will be used in connection with the activities associated with the US Cyber Challenge including statistical reporting for accounting of performance metrics regarding the participants.