Cyber Quest August 2011: Winners

The third Cyber Quest took place in August and September and featured a challenging online competition that tested students' abilities to identify and interpret various types of web application attacks and answer questions related to their findings. More than 480 registered, across 43 states and from more than 160 schools (including high schools!), as well as some professionals! The Cyber Quests III competition served as the qualifier for students to be invited to attend the Fall Cyber Camp in North Carolina, as well as receive other prizes and awards, including a trip to NetWars for the top winner!

Congratulations to our top U.S. winners!

First Place:
Chad Weber
Vermont Technical College (Sophomore)

Second Place:
Ben Toews
DePaul University (graduate)

Third Place:
Dan Borges
East Stroudsburg University (Senior)

Congratulations to each of our Cyber Quests participants!